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Here’s what some of our Roanoke, VA customers are saying about us:

Driving from Boston to S.C. Had issues with Chrysler van. Called Chrysler in Roanoke...5 days until they could see me. Called Newton's, they said bring it in. Diagnosed and fixed problem in an hour and a half. Minimal cost . Mark understands the traveler and goes the extra mile to accommodate them. Thanks.

Virgil Emmert Newton's Garage Auto Center Customer Review

Great place to look for older car parts.

Ron Gee Google Review

5 stars!

Jay Morgan Google Review

Prices are very reasonable. They’re fast with diagnosing the problem and fixing it! Doesn’t try to over charge and explains the problem without making you feel stupid. Definitely recommend this place!

Sandra Wise Google Review

4 stars!

James Kabath Google Review

5 stars!

Melissa Allman Google Review

Great folks to work with hard to find mopar parts!

Bob Pinkard Google Review

Mr Newton and his son are a pleasure to deal with. I have used his service in the past and will continue to do so.

Van Quinn Google Review

I have been driving on the way of 3-day road trip from Texas to New York, and had issues with higher temperature on the 2nd day stopping in Roanoke, VA. I found that once I headed for NY but It was early in the morning, and just contact Newton mentioning my urgent situation, then I visit his garage fortunately it was 0.5 mil from I found that issue. And he suggested to put anti-freezing into the engine pump and explained me lots of detailed method not only for temporary but also for the future management. Thanks to his service I was able to reach the big apple city safely. I really appreciate his service and kindness. I would visit his once I will be travelling in Virginia in the future. Sung from Flushung, NY.

Sung Kim Newton's Garage Auto Center Customer Review

4 stars!

Michael Google Review

5 stars!

Vickie Lecher Google Review

Me and my father were traveling from Maine to Texas, I was getting this loud sound while we were on the highway and pulled off the nearest exit, google search nearest auto repair and came up with newton's garage, I called and the owner was very friendly and could tell I was in a panic, got to the garage and he examine the truck and even got in the truck and had me drive down the street to hear the problem, pulled into his garage and he and his son lifted my truck up and discovered that my right wheel bearings were out. They ordered the part and had my truck fixed in about an hr. I just wanted to say that I’m very grateful to have found their garage, they were very courteous, friendly, and had me back on the road within an hr! And my father and I made it to Texas without any further delays. Thank you so much!

Keith Boot Newton's Garage Auto Center Customer Review

My family and I were traveling from PA to NC and the studs on my van broke off and left us on the side of the highway. Mark and his family were absolutely amazing! Treated us like family. Stephanie is an absolute saint and came to get my kids and I. Fixed our vehicle and had us back on the road in about 3 hours! Reasonable prices! If you're looking for someone who's reliable and gonna be honest with you, go here!

Destiny Murdock Google Review

5 stars!

shawn muse Google Review


Mike Davis Newton's Garage Auto Center Customer Review

While traveling on 81 to Johnson City, TN, my car developed a miss. I drove to Newtons garage, arriving near closing time. In spite of the time, other customers, and the owner having other pressing issues, I was given immediate service. They quickly were able to diagnose the problem, tracked down a parts supplier, and made the repairs. I was in a deadline situation to get to my destination. I could not have received any better service . I was extremely impressed and appreciative.

Phil Brinkley Google Review

Our vehicle was breaking down on the hwy. We were only half way through our trip. It was an emergency trip, and we needed help to get to our destination on time. It was closing time for Newton Garage, but they helped us anyway! Very gracious and kind, with a sense of humor too. Fixed everything beautifully! Reasonable price! We were back on the road to our destination in less than an hour! They were Angels to help us in our distress. We were Grateful!

Donna Leger Google Review

Love walking around the yard and Mark is a super nice guy !!

David Shepherd Google Review

Thank you, folks at Newton's Garage, for working me on a Friday afternoon and fixing a problem that would have landed me a ticket. Very nice people and excellent service. My old friend used to bring his car there frequently, and when I was looking for a garage, I remembered all the good things he told me about the garage -- all still true despite the years. I like going to a place that has continuity with a community, and Newton's has been there since the fifties.

Marilyn M. Newton's Garage Auto Center Customer Review

I got a flat tire while traveling down 81. I called them up. They told me to bring the car in and would look at it. I was in and out with the tire plug within 30 minutes. Great service. Good wholesome people and a cute dog. Oh, they sell Girl Scout cookies.

Andrew O Google Review

My drive shaft dropped on I-81 and Mark and Chris went above and beyond to get me back on the road as quick as possible (which was SUPER quick!) Friendly, throrough and very accomodating of my unique situation. Would not hesitate to stop here again. Only sad they aren’t local to me

Ashley Klein Google Review

Great honest, reliable mechanic who fixed our car in less than 2 hours on a Saturday morning! Would highly recommend, save your money, skip the dealership and come here instead.

Patrice M. Yelp Review

They are the best! I was traveling for work when my car broke down. They were the only place that could help me right then and were so nice. I was back on the road in less than 3 hours.

Sarah Newton's Garage Auto Center Customer Review

4 stars!

Tanya Pohl Google Review

Great prices great work

raeanne Ramirez Google Review

These guys are awesome! Alternator went out on 81 and they came and towed us and fixed it all within 3 hours. Even worked overtime to get us back on the road because we were traveling. 400 bucks altogether.

Cody King Google Review

4 stars!

Angie Miller Google Review

Prompt, professional service at a competitive price. Parking is a little "thin", but then you're not there for very long anyway. Well worth a look.

Jerry Bonfanti Google Review

Honest, straight forward answers and recommendations for your car repairs. I don't want to take my vehicles anywhere else.

Steve Kargman Google Review

These guys are my go-to create guys knowledgeable and honest and fair and caring!

Kathryn Bishop Google Review

Mopar parts!!!! 24 acres of old cars mostly Mopar. Looking for a Mopar part he probably has it!

david cockrell Google Review

I was on my way to Texas from Pennsylvania and stopped in at the local motel in Troutville. I decided to get an oil change at Newtons and checked on a price for my power steering that was out. The next day everything was fixed, oil was changed power steering was fixed and my engine was cleaned. The service was very friendly I would recommend Newtons garage to everybody who's passing by or who is local. (Awesome Place friendly service)

George White Google Review

5 stars!

Fisher Man226 Google Review

I was broke down on side of the road and they came and put a new serpentine belt on my class a Rv at a very reasonable price!!! This was greatly appreciated and I highly recommend them!!! 5 star all the way!!!

Mike Horne Newton's Garage Auto Center Customer Review

Wrote the same thing on Yelp because they were so great and I wanted to post here: I am from out of state and Newton's Garage really helped me out a lot when I lived for a short time in Roanoke. They are really accommodating, affordable, and overall very courteous and honest people. They worked with me every step of the way to get my car fixed and good parts in a timely manner. They are very generous and I really appreciate their mechanics who know what they are doing. Great place, gave me an amazing deal, and I would highly recommend them to anyone in the Roanoke area. 10 stars.

j knapic Google Review

Thought I was gonna have to put my car down and called Newton's Garage they pricead the problem figured out and fixed within 1 day!!! I would recommend these guys to anyone who needs help getting their car fixed at an honest price!!!

Jessica Perkins Google Review

They helped my friends out with fixing there car cheaper than anyone. One place was going to charge them $1600 and Newtown Garage fixed the car and towed it for $300.00. I would recommend them to everyone!!

Dee Conner Google Review

Had another garage tell me it would be 1600 dollars to fix my car. These guys towed and fixed my car for 300 bucks. I would highly recommend them to anyone!!!!

Angela Mitchell Google Review

After breaking down while passing through the area, I Googled this garage. Without hesitation these guys got my car in and had the problem figured out. I had just had another garage look at the problem the day prior and they couldn't find any problems. Within a couple of hours I was back on my way. Thanks for helping me out when i was in a bind. These guys are very professional and experienced.

Brian Dillman Google Review

Worked on my friends car and the charge was unreal. Another company wanted to charge 1600.00 and they charged 300.00. What a big difference? They are awesome.

Dee C. Newton's Garage Auto Center Customer Review

Mark and his co-workers are simply THE BEST!!!

Walt Lacey Newton's Garage Auto Center Customer Review

It was 4:30pm on a Friday afternoon and we had car problems, we googled a close garage and they took care of us in less than an hour. Thank you!!! Great job very appreciated .

Matt Varner Newton's Garage Auto Center Customer Review

5 stars!

Amanda Phillips Google Review

Have been doing business with these guys for 25 years and my father was before that. Cheaper than a lot of places and honest, which is the most important thing you need from a mechanic. Have access to junk yard parts to save money if you need that. Quality work as well. I would highly recommend.

Bob Apjok Google Review

It is so refreshing to find someone who treats you like family! Went in there with issues Firestone told me would cost over $2000. Troubleshooting, accurate & knowledgeable troubleshooting, is worth a whole lot. Thru caring about me coupled w/accurate trouble shooting, I walked out paying under $200!

So, the man who had a bad experience, I wasnt there to know, yet I hope you can get it worked out. I own a business & things arent always as they appear & Newton's can learn from your comments.

Kathryn Stroehmann Wilde Bishop Facebook Review

Mr. Newton and his mechanics keep my 1992 Buick running perfectly. They always go the extra mile for me -- for example, when they fixed an oil leak recently, Mr. Newton told me to bring it back to make sure there wasn't another leak. Well, I did bring it back but he wasn't there and another mechanic tested it. But since he wasn't there personally to test it, he called me to make sure I had done so. It was fine -- no more leaks -- and he cared to make sure I am ok to drive safely. I have had many occasions to bless his service, especially when something was hard to diagnose. He kept at it until he had the answer and my car was running well again. I am a loyal customer and plan to stay one.

Priscilla Richardson BBB Review

I am from out of state and Newton's Garage really helped me out a lot when I lived for a short time in Roanoke. They are really accommodating, affordable, and overall very courteous and honest people. They worked with me every step of the way to get my car fixed and good parts in a timely manner. They are very generous and I really appreciate their mechanics who know what they are doing. Great place, gave me an amazing deal, and I would highly recommend them to anyone in the Roanoke area. 10 stars.

J K. Yelp Review

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